Barefoot International, LLC and Fat Sac Mfg. warranties and limitations extend only to the original purchaser or to the person for whom originally purchased the product.


Warranty claims are to be initiated only by Barefoot International, LLC and Fat Sac Mfg. dealer or by the original purchaser of the product. Under no circumstance should a warranty claim be submitted and returned without a Return Authorization number issued by Barefoot International, LLC to the dealer or consumer directly. Dealers/consumers need to contact Barefoot International, LLC and Fat Sac Mfg. directly to initiate the warranty and receive an RA number. Dealers/consumers should always return products to Barefoot International, LLC and Fat Sac Mfg. directly, unless advised otherwise.


All items will be shipped back to Barefoot International, LLC and Fat Sac Mfg. is the customers responsibility unless it is a manufactures defect. If a product is refused warranty the customer/dealer will then be billed and held responsible for the shipping cost. Barefoot International, LLC and Fat Sac Mfg. has the right to not take back unsold product for credit. Any unopened product, or product returned with no apparent defect will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.


Barefoot International, LLC and Fat Sac Mfg. reserves the right to refuse a warranty based on determination of defects caused by any other factor than manufacturer error. Any product determined to have been tampered with in any way will be void of any warranty. Products determined to have a manufacturer’s defect will be repaired if possible. Should a product be unrepairable, replacement is at the discretion of Barefoot International, LLC and Fat Sac Mfg. warranty department and would be a product of equal or greater performance.


Under no circumstances should the product be altered in any form. Clean sacs only with Sac Scrub solution (M1080) sold at FatSac. Colors will possibly fade when subjected to prolonged sunlight exposure. Fading is not covered under warranty; store your product when not in use. Damage due to misuse, abuse or modification is excluded from warranty, as is normal wear and tear.



Barefoot International, LLC and Fat Sac Mfg. will warranty for the period up to one year from the time of the sale to the end user by the dealer or retailor. Barefoot International, LLC will need proof of sale to the end user to verify it has been within the 1-year timeframe. Once the dealer has had the product for 3 years or more the warranty is also VOID.



Warranty for damaged merchandise includes items that have been damaged in shipping. If a shipment arrives at your door with apparent shipping damage, please have the driver make note on the delivery form and take pictures of the damaged package. If you have already accepted delivery and then find shipping damage, please call the merchant shipper immediately. The contact information for the merchant shipper will be in the box. Save all packaging material and paperwork; do not throw anything away! If you attempt to return the merchandise yourself, you will jeopardize our chances of making a claim, and you may not receive credit for the return. Barefoot International, LLC does not warranty items damaged from improper installation. Warranty does not cover lost or stolen items.


RMA Claim Process

Once the warranty claim is submitted and the RMA number is provided, the purchaser has 30 days to comply and return the product, or the warranty will be null and void. After 30 days the RMA will then be closed and cannot be re-opened. The item will no longer be eligible for a return.